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Building Trust in your Brand.

"Trust is built in very small moments." Brené Brown

Trust is a necessity in building your business. If you haven't gained your networks trust, you have nothing. How to build Brené Brown's acronym B.R.A.V.I.N.G into your sales/business guidelines.

  • B is for Boundaries~ ah yes, the importance of boundaries. Always ask your network permission before spamming them in their inbox. You wouldn't just show up in someone's living room unannounced. STOP tagging everyone you know in your business posts... maybe they are building their own brand and your product doesn't align with their mission or brand ethos. BOUNDARIES exist on social media, and when you don't ask permission or you cross those lines, you lose trust. Gain trust by creating boundaries and a safe place for your network to learn about you and grow with you. Collaborate with others and create clear communication of your expectations of the collaboration. Creating clear boundaries and sticking to them builds trust in your brand.

  • R is for Reliability~ Are you reliable? Do you follow up and remain consistent and active in your business? Do you stay true to your brand ethos? Not being reliable is an easy way to lose trust, and half the time it's your barriers that put you in these situations. Let's take following up with clients. Let the excuses roll..." I feel pushy... I already told them once...If they want it they know where I am" No, no, no, just NO! If you choose to not follow-up, your client may feel unimportant, or that you are only there for them when it works for you. They may interpret that your business is merely done on the "fly" and that you are not reliable. INSERT them losing your trust here! Follow-up with your clients because it aligns with your mission and their needs. Detach from the results and know that you followed up with good intentions.

A tip for Direct Sellers: Follow up at mid month or before with your clients if it feels disingenuous due to the closing of the month. This will alleviate you feeling like you are just trying to make your company or your personal sales quota. Always stay mission-based and focused on the client. On the flip side, if you are rooted in your intentions and these are not feelings you exhibit, there is no reason that you shouldn't follow up at the end of the month.

  • A is for Accountability~ When you say you are going to do it, DO IT. If you see someone on the street and you say "let's meet up for coffee", say that with the true intention of wanting to schedule a coffee date. This example may seem silly, but as stated above, "Trust is built in very small moments". When it comes to business, do you show up for your clients on-time, follow through with what you promised, and are committed to getting deliverables to them in the time frame that was set forth from the beginning? It all matters. Do what you said you were going to do in the timeframe that you said you would.

  • V is for Vault~ Don't share information that is not yours to share. This is a very simple statement, but one that seems difficult for some in practice. Let me give you a personal example to show the 'vault' value-set being betrayed in real time. I owned a women's fitness facility and my class attendees would talk all of the time. There was one woman who many times was frustrated by her clients texting her during class or she seemed frustrated by her line of work-- always sharing personal information about that "client of the day". It was usually heard by the whole class. One day I entered to teach my class and another client approached me with a look of concern. "Jessica, is 'x' coming to class today? I am so nervous, because I chose another representative and she knows! I just couldn't hire her based on her gossiping about her clients in class." WOAH NELLY... She was right, but I was taken back. Be a vault, people will respect you and TRUST you.

  • I is for Integrity~ I must quote Brene Brown's definition from 'Dare to Lead'. " You choose courage over comfort. You choose what is right over what is fun, fit, or easy. And you choose to practice your values rather than simply professing them." This is EVERYTHING! In business there are times when we have a straight trajectory towards our goals, but it would require being outside of our values, good practice, and/or hurt others. This straight trajectory may get you the short term gain, but long term will hurt your brand and ultimately, your business. Being an entrepreneur can require the mentality needed of an athlete training for a marathon: Find your purpose, aim for the sweet spot (a just manageable challenge), prepare your body and your mind, choose less (get a coach and focus on the workout), calm self talk, use stress to aid performance, sleep.* #RunnersWorld Reach success while staying in integrity. It has unlimited long term gains.

  • N is for Non-judgement~ This is an attribute that allows deeper conversations with your clients. It is the ability to create a safe space where they can share their concerns about your product/service, and then in turn, you remain in nonjudgment and offer them what your product can or can't do for them. Don't let fear and the loss of a sale guide you. Be honest and know that the universe is abundant.

  • G is for Generosity~ Take your clients word. In the service industry, we can become frustrated when clients cancel. An example of using generosity in your business can be as simple as taken a client on their word when they cancel their appointment. This doesn't mean that you allow a trending behavior to go on, but you choose to accept the most generous interpretation possible of their actions.

Let me know if this guideline was helpful to your business. Visit me at JessicaJaneMancini.com

To Learn more about 'The Seven Elements of Trust' go to, https://daretolead.brenebrown.com

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