All About Me

My background and career are diverse, but my philosophy is a constant: Stack your deck with amazing people. Surround yourself with like-minded, positive, forward-thinking minds, and nothing is out of your reach!


I am currently a consultant for digital marketing companies and entrepreneurs. I take a mission-based approach with my brand development and marketing plans, focusing on the impact and solutions that my business clients can offer their networks. I also create affiliate marketing programs to increase my clients' brand awareness and create sales teams to increase their revenues.


I was privileged to employ my financial skills as an elected member of the Ridgefield, CT Board of Finance, the town's authority on Town budgetary and financial direction and decision making, from 2011-2019. 


I owned three successful brick-and-mortar businesses between 1999 and 2019, first founding a performing arts studio in 1999, catering to young artists in the community. Next, I added a dance clothing boutique in 2002, and a women's fitness facility in 2009, to establish a uniquely safe space for women of all ages and body types. I used my branding, development and social media skills to integrate all three businesses into the community, innovating and evolving all the way.


In addition to my consulting work, I am currently a Brand Partner for Savvi Athleisure and Veribella beauty products; two start-up direct sales companies. I help women create home-based businesses, supporting and strengthening their search for career/life balance. I use my marketing and development skills to help new Brand Partners grow their businesses.


I have chosen to affiliate with a few key brands.

When choosing a brand, I ask:

  •    Does this company empower women? Is this company female-owned?

  •    Does this company offer an outstanding product that delivers positive impact?

  •    Can I personally stand by this product?


As a wife and mother of three boys, I live my life through laughter and connection. I love being involved in my community, leading philanthropic efforts for a variety of causes, because I draw my personal happiness from helping others.


In both my business and personal life, I have always been focused on helping girls and women feel empowered: 


Recognize your power!

Focus on your attributes!

You can be more than you thought possible!